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Trash and Bike

Christian Academy in Japan

Today was Zack's New Family Orientation at Christian Academy in Japan. It was really cool to be there because we specifically prayed that God would bring us here by this time, and there we were! We got a tour and met his third grade teachers, Mrs. McDonald and Mrs. Crowson. They seemed very nice. He'll have 22 kids in his class, and we were happy to see that he won't be the only new kid in the class. There were at least 3 more.



So I named this blog entry "trash and bike"...let me tell you about the trash. Now Ellie's favorite question for me is, "Is this burnable or not??" We have to separate our trash into those 2 categories, which is basically paper vs. plastic. We separate the inner plastic lining away from the paper box, and put them in different containers. We also have different boxes for plastic water bottles and glass bottles (but the caps have to go into the non burnable container). The burnable trash must be out by 9am on Tuesdays and Fridays. The non burnable is Wednesdays along with stacks of magazines or cardboard is you have them...but we must be sure to have the boxes flattened and tied criss-cross with a string. The 5 page directions on how to separate trash said that if you're throwing away a diaper, to be sure to dump out the poop and flush it down before throwing it away. Am I glad that I don't have kids in diapers!!!

Zack's Bike

Regarding the bicycle, you really have to pray with us about this. Zack got a 24-inch Bridgestone bike that is really cool. However, ...

the 10 minute route to his school is one that I would NEVER, EVER have even considered letting him ride (much less walk) if we were in the States. The streets are narrow, and there are a couple of places where the cars will be passing by him literally inches away, very fast. So, whether you're on the Zack and Ellie prayer team or not, we need ALL of you to pray for SAFETY for Zack as he rides every day to and from school. As a mom watching him practice yesterday and today, I was a nervous wreck. My heart jumped every time I saw a car come zooming by him. So pray for protection, pray that his bike will not swerve into traffic, pray that God will supernaturally give Zack steady hands and legs, and pray that His Hand would be upon him every morning and afternoon. I've had to let my baby boy go and place him in Jesus' care. He is Yours, I said. That's a hard prayer for a mom.


I met an American mom today who told me of a good Kindergarten (Yochien) for Ellie. I hope to go check it out soon because the new semester will begin on September 3. She said that this is a school that is used to kids from foreign countries. I'll let you know more as I find out, but pray for little Ellie as she is very nervous about going and not understanding.


And finally... major thanks to Takeshi Takazawa and son Kei who took us shopping again. They brought practical gifts to us to expedite our transition into this home.


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