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Leonard Sanchez Challenges CBC Men to Mentor

image Life without a father can be really tough on a child. Leonard Sanchez, whose father left the family when he was just three-years-old, is no different. 

The CBCer shared at the Men’s Breakfast on August 11, 2012 about his difficult childhood living without a father. Though his mother did a valiant job raising three children as a single mom before remarrying, she knew she needed help to raise them well.

Enter a number of great mentors in Leonard’s life. God brought other men to help shape him...

One by one, Leonard recounted how different men invested in his life in various ways. Some were relatives, like Uncle Anthony, and others were simply older friends who spent time with him in his younger days. Some taught him values, such as ‘family first’ and ‘hard work,’ while some taught him skills, like how to shave and how to drive a car. Through their time, each one taught young Leonard that he was worthwhile. And he turned out fine because of their care.

What made a huge impact for those listening was that many of Leonard’s mentors were sitting right there at the Men’s Breakfast supporting him, as always. They were living examples of people who cared enough to spend time with him through the years and still are involved in supporting him to this day.

Now a high school teacher with his own two daughters, Leonard gives back to scores of young people—his students—everyday and on weekends. He is living out what he calls us all to do.

Leonard challenged each man listening to mentor the kids God brings across their paths, whether or not they are their own children. Being a perfect role model is not what is needed; just being available is the key. He encouraged us that we all can make a huge difference in people’s lives if we just spent time with younger folks and walked through life together.

Who has invested in you to help shape you? With whom are you walking through life?

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