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Does Asian Access pass Edmund Chan's test of leadership?

Earlier this year, we were extremely fortunate to have Edmund Chan share a few days with us at the A2 Global Leaders' Summit. As our keynote speaker, he brought three messages that stirred our hearts. If you didn't get a chance to read Joe's perspective regarding these messages, each post is listed below.

Near the end of the A2 gathering, I was eager to sit down with Edmund and have him share more wisdom on leadership with the Asian Access community. I've posted two particular clips below: one where he endorses Asian Access and one where he exhorts our leaders. I'm sure you'll be encouraged by both brief clips.

1. Does Asian Access pass Edmund Chan's test of leadership?

Watch on YouTube:

"One of my key views of leadership is that the test of leadership is found in the third generation—not the first, not the founder, not the successor, but the third generation.

And Asian Access is strategically positioned to develop leaders with sustainability in their development unto the third generation and beyond. And I've seen the quality of Asian Access leaders—the caliber of these leaders—most importantly the sense of humility, grace, intentionality, joy... as I interact with the leaders this week is phenomenal.

So I'm very thankful for the ministry in Asian Access, and I pray that the Lord will bless this ministry in developing leaders for sustained ministry."


2. Edmund Chan exhorts A2 leaders not to lose the mystery of leadership...

Watch on YouTube:

"I have learned that leadership is complex. There is a mystery to leadership we should not lose. There is the hand of God, the blessing of God, the spirit of the Living God upon individuals, upon leaders, upon movements and timings. They have global implications.

And so for Asian Access leaders, don't lose that. Don't lose that sense of the awe, the wonder, the mystery‚ that humble dependence upon the Lord, the seeking of the empowering of the Holy Spirit. It's not by might; it's not by power. It's by the Spirit of God. We need a strength that's greater than our own‚ a wisdom that is higher than our own to engage what God is giving as windows of opportunity. Many things are up for grabs in the world today. There are strategic opportunities and windows of time by which these opportunities can be grabbed [for] his kingdom.

And to do that, the strength that is beyond our own comes through prayer and the dependence upon God. The wisdom that's above our own comes from the Holy Word of God. So if we can give ourselves to the Apostolic mandate of prayer and the Word of God... and pass on to the leaders we develop‚ not just an activity‚ but the sense of a spiritual dynamic a spiritual pilgrimage‚ and personify this through our lives, our teaching, our modeling, it will set on fire and set ablaze a movement that is unstoppable."

It's always inspiring to hear Edmund teach Scripture and share principles. He has immensely blessed those of us in the A2 Community. And we are also encouraged to know that he believes in what Asian Access is doing by investing in multiple generations of leaders and working toward ongoing sustainability.

Jeff Johnston


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