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2018 Highlights: Stories Celebrating God's Work

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Celebrating God's Work in 2018

2018 has been a tremendous year of seeing God bring breakthroughs in ministry. These stories help us remember His faithfulness through the last year as He continues extending His kingdom. Thank you for your partnership in prayer and giving that made these stories possible!

Now, we want to share some highlights from 2018...


2019a bestlist japan 200x200New Wineskins for Japan

What a thrill it was participating in the final 50th anniversary celebration in Japan late last year. Voices from across the lifespan of our ministry shared perspectives on what God has done and what we anticipate in the future. Most moving of all was one of my predecessors, former president Dr. Steve Hoke (above), who shared a passionate call for the people of Japan. ... We have been seeing new forms of ministry birthing over the last several years. And what a fitting complement to Dr. Hoke’s passion it was to hear Pastor Nobu Nagai share a challenge for us from Matthew 5:38: “New wine must be poured into new wineskins!” Read more...

jeyakaran EV video 125px sqAsian Church combats discrimination against women 

Pastor Jeyakaran shares how Powerhouse Church tackled the issue of full empowerment for leadership for both men and women the simple way—by releasing women as well as men into all roles of leadership in the church. Read more...

killingfields 517795335 200x200A "killing fields" killer plants over 300 churches. How is this possible?

Charya came to Asian Access training broken—in every way imaginable. I’ve rarely met someone who looked so physically broken. As A2 helped build his understanding of God’s grace, he grew stronger in the Lord. He learned about making disciples and reproducing what God had done through him. Charya went on to graduate from Asian Access and today, he’s one of the few who changes the many. He’s gone on leading hundreds to Christ, raising up dozens of leaders. He’s even led many Khmer Rouge members to Christ. And since graduating from Asian Access, Charya has now planted over 300 churches. Read more...

thilini de visser 2018 197x197Asian Access launches Pan Asia leadership program

Asian Access is expanding its leadership training program with plans to the launch its fresh “Pan Asia Leader Development Program”. The new program helps develop younger leaders in a context that will help them best serve their churches and countries. “Pan Asia is unique in that the cohort will be formed by participants from different countries, representing different countries and cultures,” Asian Access’ Thilini De Visser shares. The leaders joining this program, however, are individuals who are already effectively leading in their own contexts. In fact, all participants are graduates of Asian Access’ A2 Leader Development program within their given countries. Read more...

japanesepastor 673426160 200x200Starting Well: Asian Access/Japan Launches U30

A value we stress in the Asian Access leader development program is finishing well. For leaders to be effective throughout their personal and ministry lives, and to successfully fend off the burnout that cripples so many Kingdom leaders, setting a course intended to help leaders stay the course all the way to the finish is vital. So what better way to do this than to help younger leaders to start well? That is the vision behind the launch of U30, an Asian Access Japan learning community adapted to meet the needs of younger leaders. The inaugural U30 cohort has just held its first session, May 28 – 30, 2018, at Hongoudai Christ Church in Yokohama City. Read more...

couplereadingbible 910332396 200x200"Please take my husband again for the next cohort of Asian Access!"

“In this country, everything is kept secret. No one shares openly. But, this week [at A2] has been different. I’ve been surprised at how open everyone is, sharing about everything they are going through. This is so powerful, I want my husband to attend again!” She stated that she is now a firm believer in the Asian Access process. Read more...

partnership 939322282 200x200Kärin Primuth on the critical need for partnership in mission today

Asian Access board member Kärin Primuth and Mission Network News' Katey Hearth discuss Great Commission trends at the 2018 Missio Nexus Leadership Conference. Primuth calls for more coordination and collaboration between groups in mission to maximize our overall effectiveness in achieving the Great Commission. Using Jesus' prayer for unity in John 17, she highlights the partnership models that both Asian Access and visionSynergy are implementing in their respective circles to contribute to the advance of the Gospel. Read more...

networking 874849032 200x200An Asian Access Trifecta

|Historically, the A2 Liaison and faculty roles have often been filled by Westerners. While everyone deeply appreciates the investment made by these dedicated men and women of God, the dream is for these roles to be filled more and more by leaders from Asia. Not only does this deepen the empowerment of our Asian leaders, it increases Asian Access’ capacity to sustain the movement for the long term. That dream was realized this October at the sixth session for the new country’s first A2 cohort: all three key leadership areas were filled by leaders from Asia. Read more...

filipinogroup 935407844 200x200The Asian Access Ripple Effect

The men and women who volunteer to serve as faculty for Asian Access are experienced pastors and ministers. They teach out of their own ministry experience, and their dream is for our Asian Access leaders to take what they learn and run with it in their own ministries. Read more...

prisoner 951677856 200x200Leaders Prepared for Persecution

Voice of the Martyrs Radio recently interviewed Joe Handley on the topic of preparing Christian leaders for persecution. It's helpful to know that Asian Access did not set out to address persecution. However, leaders in over half of our 15 countries face persecution. Through our work with these leaders, we have learned so much about the pressures believers face from either their own governments or religious extremists in their countries. Read more...

a2biz 20170728 231213332 200x2004-Year Journey of Bearing Fruit

A journey that began four years ago as an R&D effort is already bearing fruit, with vibrant communities among entrepreneurs and businesspeople in Asia. Several potential new "" country launches are on the horizon. Read more...

A2 ministry report 2018 inside thumbMinistry Breakthroughs in 2018

Download Report (PDF)
President's Progress Report: Ministry Breakthroughs(2.3MB) • Published: 2018

This 4-page progress report was produced in 2018 to highlight ministry breakthroughs across all of our sectors in Asia.




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