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2019's Top Stories Highlighting God's Work

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A Look at God's Goodness in 2019

2019 has been a rich year of God's goodness. These stories help us remember His faithfulness through the last year as He continues extending His kingdom. Thank you for your partnership in prayer and giving that made these stories possible!

Now, here are some top stories from 2019...


The Koreas: dream of the March 1 Movement lives on

N Korea flagNorth Korea (MNN) – All eyes are on the peninsula dividing the Koreas over the next couple of days.Will North and South Korea be able to move past the Cold War framework toward peace?   Is American President Donald Trump’s leadership style just bold and brash enough to convince North Korea’s Kim Jong Un that peace and reunification is in everyone’s best interest?  These are the questions that await an answer as the two-day Summit gets underway... Read more...

Jason Richard Tan: "Asian Access came at just the right time" 

jason richard tan"Hello, my name is Jason Richard Tan. I was introduced to Asian Access way back in January 2017. And at the time I was just recovering from the very discouraging and painful ordeal. I had lost my voice, my ministry, and even my integrity, and I left the pastoral ministry. I wasn't sure about my calling and my future in ministry. Asian Access came just at the right time. Through Asian Access, I learned two things: one is the value of... Read more...

A Personal Message from Sri Lanka

sri lanka bombingsDear Friends, Church was different for us today. A week after the Easter bombings that devastated our nation, and ongoing threats of a second wave of attacks, the island is under high-security surveillance. A curfew has been imposed every night allowing the security forces to check every house. As they do so they continue to uncover more bombs and plans of the extremist terrorist group. We are still quite shaken by the drastic turn of events in our little nation. Just a week ago Sri Lanka was a peaceful tropical Island, dubbed the top tourist destination of 2019 (according to Lonely Planet). Today, all Christian churches were advised against meeting in our usual places of worship... Read more...

Why would you even consider doing Asian Access in your country if you know your life is in danger?

thilini de visser 2018 197x197One of the highlights of our recent Global Leaders’ Summit as meeting our latest coordinators for Asian Access in new countries. In this case, the pastor pictured here we’ll call Pastor S to protect his identity as he serves in a country that needs to remain unidentified for security reasons. Pastor S faces ongoing pressures and real-life threats. In fact, recently he was asked, “Why would you even consider doing Asian Access in your country if you know your life is in danger?” – He said, “It’s too important that we equip our leaders to not face this kind of threats. We must proceed and if I die, I die.”How inspiring! Pastor S is a model for all of us. Later, in reflection upon his time at the Summit he shared... Read more...

Hong Kong protests provide opportunity for peace, reconciliation

hong kong protests 2019Hong Kong (MNN) — Protests continue in Hong Kong this week. Thousands of senior citizens joined in the latest demonstrations. Meanwhile, Hong Kong police called for protection after one activist allegedly bit off part of an officer’s finger. Those participating in Hong Kong protests want current government officials to step down out, and “an investigation into police tactics,” the Associated Press reports. Demonstrators also want assurance they won’t be punished like those who led the 2014 “Yellow Umbrella” protests. Last week, Hong Kong Executive Officer Carrie Lam said the controversial extradition law which began the current movement was “dead”, but she stopped short of taking the bill off the table. Referencing a recent blog written by one of their associates, Read more...

The Future is as Bright as the Promises of God

couplereadingbible 910332396 200x200A few weeks ago, Silk and I had the privilege of traveling around Myanmar (formerly known as Burma) with a group of leaders from 5 countries there to learn about ministry and what God has done through the years. One of the most inspiring parts of our trip was visiting the sites (pictured here) where Adoniram Judson, America’s first anglo missionary and first to leave the western hemisphere, was in prison. Adoniram’s entire life work in mission went down in flames and he was tortured for his faith... Read more...

Alumnus plants 77 churches since graduating

khmer rougeLast month while attending a session in Cambodia, we spent some time with Asian Access alumnus BN (pictured here). Pastor BN has a remarkable story. He had a brutal past, involved in some of the ugliest history his country has ever seen. He was personally responsible for horrible atrocities many times over.After the Khmer Rouge was pushed to the sidelines in Cambodia, following the Killing Fields, he went into hiding. Along the way, his wife met Jesus and he was astounded that she loved Jesus so much that she would often disobey him just to attend church. He even beat her many times admonishing her not to go to church. But, she kept going... Read more...

Unity, not uniformity; Diversity, not division

unity not uniformity; diversity not divisionWe invited Asian Access board member and visionSynergy CEO, Kärin Primuth to attend our A2 national directors' gathering to share devotions for the week on unity in the Body of Christ. Afterward, we sat down with Kärin to get some impressions of her time with leaders from 16 A2 countries. In this video clip, Kärin shares about what God taught everyone as they broke into discussion groups and looked into the Scriptures. A key insight was that God designed the Church for unity, not uniformity—for diversity, not division. When we work together as one, God pours out His blessing, and He is glorified. As a point of application, A2 networks across Asia are bringing together leaders and groups to collaborate on Kingdom projects... Read more...

2020 Vision and Beyond

2020 vision and beyond2020 is a pivotal year in the life of Asian Access. In the early ’90s, Asian Access adopted a vision God had given my predecessor Doug Birdsall. It was a vision he had rested on for a few years but one that came into clearer scope by the time he became our fourth president. In many ways, it became an audacious goal, one which many told Doug was impossible. As he shared the discouragement from the feedback with our founder, Ken famously said,“Impossible. Impossible. I love Impossible.” Read more...

Letter from a Persecuted Leader

persecuted leaderJust before Thanksgiving, I received this letter from a graduate of Asian Access. He writes: "Dear President Joe, Greetings in the Name of Christ. As you know, we continue to face many hardships as we all pastor churches in my country. I especially want to thank Asian Access for standing with me at this hard time. My Asian Access friends helped me greatly during this trial. We each experience this opposition, and so we are there for each other. On a recent holiday, we were having cottage meetings in our church members’ house. We were invited by Mrs. K and family on their son’s birthday in our city... Read more...


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