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The official online journal of Jeff & Nozomi Johnston & family, Asian Access missionaries. {addthis off}

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Takeshi talks Crisis, Danger, and Opportunity 07-May-2020 by Jeff Johnston 408
Nozomi Project founder reflects at 9th anniversary of disaster 10-Mar-2020 by Jeff Johnston 378
An Invitation: Summer 2020 in Japan! 10-Jan-2020 by Jeff Johnston 386
The Opportunity for the Japanese Church 10-Jan-2020 by Jeff Johnston 385
2019's Top Stories Highlighting God's Work 30-Dec-2019 by Jeff Johnston 382
Asian Access is recharging, engaging and profoundly uplifting 19-Dec-2019 by Jeff Johnston 334
God is Uniting the Church 22-Nov-2019 by Jeff Johnston 347
Unity, not uniformity; Diversity, not division 19-Nov-2019 by Jeff Johnston 331
Leaders Loving God 15-Nov-2019 by Jeff Johnston 345
A Place of Authentic Community 12-Nov-2019 by Jeff Johnston 338
Guest Entry: Japan partnership yielding early results 22-Oct-2019 by Marty Woods 570
Missio Nexus honors Joe Handley with eXcelerate award 21-Sep-2019 by Jeff Johnston 628
Celebrating my dad, Hugh Edward Johnston 12-Aug-2019 by Jeff Johnston 230
2018 Highlights: Stories Celebrating God's Work 30-Dec-2018 by Jeff Johnston 590
Does Asian Access pass Edmund Chan's test of leadership? 27-Dec-2018 by Jeff Johnston 617
3.11 - God’s Presence and My Purpose in Midst of Pain 31-Mar-2016 by Jeff Johnston 1402
Five Years After the Triple Disaster: Journeying With The Japanese 11-Mar-2016 by Jeff Johnston 1429
Are relief funds getting to the people in Nepal? 30-Sep-2015 by Jeff Johnston 1403
The Father Effect, part 1 15-Nov-2014 by Jeff Johnston 949
Walls coming down 12-Nov-2014 by Jeff Johnston 943
Tragedy on Mount Ontake 02-Oct-2014 by A2 Stories on Mission Network News 999
A world overturned: The story of Japan's "Exodus Church" 24-Apr-2014 by Jeff Johnston 868
Third anniversary of The Great NE Japan Disaster 11-Mar-2014 by Jeff Johnston 1061
The Good News Proclaimed at the Women's Christmas Brunch 17-Dec-2012 by Nozomi Johnston 788
Amazing Stories Shared Over Women’s Breakfast 05-Dec-2012 by Nozomi Johnston 675
Under the Big Top 24-Aug-2012 by Jeff Johnston 727
Courageous Men Make a Public Resolution 24-Aug-2012 by Jeff Johnston 653
Leonard Sanchez Challenges CBC Men to Mentor 24-Aug-2012 by Jeff Johnston 626
God has burned in my heart the 86 communities washed away 20-Apr-2011 by Jeff Johnston 915
Zack's Magic Trick Birthday! 13-Apr-2011 by Nozomi 845
What are Japanese churches doing? Part 3 11-Apr-2011 by Jeff Johnston 877
What are Japanese churches doing? Part 2 10-Apr-2011 by Jeff Johnston 1167
What are Japanese churches doing? 08-Apr-2011 by Jeff Johnston 1051
My Own Personal "Aftershocks", Part 3 06-Apr-2011 by Nozomi 810
My Own Personal "Aftershocks", Part 2 04-Apr-2011 by Nozomi 1573
My Own Personal "Aftershocks", Part 1 29-Mar-2011 by Nozomi 895
List of Recommended Organizations in Japan for Financial Gifts 16-Mar-2011 by Jeff Johnston 818
Explanation of Radiation Levels 15-Mar-2011 by Jeff Johnston 774
Japan's Tsunami: Chaos and Kairos 12-Mar-2011 by Jeff Johnston 1078
Japan's Most Powerful Quake 11-Mar-2011 by Jeff Johnston 804
Major 8.8 Earthquake in Japan! 11-Mar-2011 by Jeff Johnston 780
A Surprising Critique for Zack 27-Feb-2011 by Jeff Johnston 1012
Joy Group on Valentine's Day 19-Feb-2011 by Nozomi Johnston 818
Bonenkai 17-Jan-2011 by Nozomi 1299
Things I'll Miss About Japan 15-Jan-2011 by Nozomi Johnston 944
Christmas Party Group B 2010 05-Jan-2011 by Nozomi 944
Christmas Parties 2010 05-Jan-2011 by Nozomi 917
Thanksgiving 2010 04-Jan-2011 by Nozomi 914
Japan Dinner Night 30-Dec-2010 by Nozomi 974
My Husband of 16 Years 29-Dec-2010 by Nozomi 934

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