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American Snowman

2nd Snowfall in TokyoOur snowman

The second snowfall in Tokyo came over the weekend. It provided a great opportunity for our family to have a little fun in the fresh, wet snow. We threw some snowballs and even made an American-style snowman! It was great to see the kids display such frivolity.

One of the neatest things things, though, was that the snow gave us a natural connection with the T family, the day after our lunch together. All five family members were playing in the snow and came sledding past our house. They immediately stopped when they saw our handiwork. And they wanted to take a picture of their kids with our American-style snowman. How cool!

Johnston family enjoys the snow
Our family enjoyed time to play in the snow together

Here are several more pictures to enjoy...

Three parts or two? Did you know that Japanese snowman has two body parts? Did you know that Japanese don't use carrots for the nose? They use a tangerine to better reflect a Japanese-looking nose.

Interestingly, many people have walked by (and even driven by) to take a look at our big snowman with a carrot nose. He's been a conversation piece in our neighborhood for the past three days.

Our American-style Snowman
Our American-style snowman, with 3-tiers, a carrot nose and two eyes (and buttons) made out of... rocks.

T family kids take a photo with our snowman
The T family kids take a photo with our American-style snowman.
Mr. T and daughter rest on the snow
Mr. T. and daughter take a break from sledding to rest on the snow.
Zack eats snow
Zack enjoyed tasting his first snow in Tokyo
Ellie eats snow
So Ellie had to copy her brother and eat her first snow, too.
Snow on the trees
Snow rests beautifully on the trees
Snow on our mailbox
Snow piling up on our mailbox

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